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24/7 Help Desk

Kindly note the below details of our 24/7 emergency road side assistance (International Motoring Club (IMC)) contact number and services provided to Belhasa Car Rental Customers all over U.A.E. has been activated.
Services Provided
  1. Break down / Accident and Road side Recovery services (from one point to other, multiple ways will not be provided)
  2. Battery Boosting
  3. Flat Tire changing
  4. Fuel delivery - The user has to settle the fuel charges up on delivery
Mechanical First Aid includes minor adjustments at the point of disablement if parts or supplies are not needed to make the vehicle run on its own. Should the mechanical first aid be limited on account of reasons like modern engines that are technologically advanced, and then the vehicle will be towed to a nearest garage where it can be repaired. Kindly note that no spare parts will be supplied or installed by International Motoring Club (IMC).
If the battery in your vehicle is dead for whatever reason, we will jump-start the vehicle so you can carry on with your journey. Should the problem still persist, then we will tow your vehicle to the nearest garage in the same emirate.
An emergency supply of fuel will be delivered to a member’s disabled vehicle enabling the member to reach the nearest open petrol station. Note, the service is free, but the member is responsible for the cost of the fuel at current market prices.
If your vehicle’s spare tire is inflated and serviceable, it will be installed to replace the flat one. Should there be no spare tire in the vehicle, then it will be towed to the nearest tire repair shop in the same emirate.
If your keys are locked inside the vehicle, service will be sent to try and retrieve the key. If this is not possible, then the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage in the same emirate.
When your vehicle cannot be rendered drivable after attending any of the emergency procedures provided, or in an accident situation or when in the service person’s judgment, the vehicle is not in a safe driving condition, then it will be towed to the nearest garage. Note: One towing per disablement.
When streets are impassable or when conditions make towing dangerous, a temporary suspension of towing may occur.
Contact details and how to avail the services
Contact details: Toll Free 8004101 In order to avail the service, the user has to provide either car plate number or chassis number last 6 digits. the first preference will be the car number and if they are not able to find the vehicle then the user has to provide the chassis number last 6 digits.
Kindly note International Motoring Club (IMC) provides 24 hours emergency roadside assistance anywhere inside UAE. One towing will be provided free from the road/breakdown location to any garage or workshop within the same emirate. Please note that towing service will be provided only if the vehicle has a breakdown and when not in a drivable condition. Free towing service from garage to garage is not provided because the vehicle is already in a garage and is not an emergency situation.
For eg: Now cars are being towed all the way from Abu Dhabi/Musaffah Garage to Dubai Garage just for a tire change. Tires can easily be changed at the Abu Dhabi/Musaffah Garage itself. We would be happy to tow any of your vehicles from a roadside situation to the garage. Then the emergency is over. After that it becomes a chargeable towing service.
In the case of an accident, the vehicle shall be towed only after a proper police report is obtained. The owner or driver or company representative is required to accompany the accident vehicle to the workshop as it is a rule by the police and traffic dept and sign the delivery note when off loaded. This is to avoid any extra insurance claim which is beneficial to the insurance company.