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“We at BCR are committed to achieve excellence towards “Provision of Rental and lease services for Cars, Buses and Trucks to Corporate and Individual customers

BCR derives its success from a focus on customer satisfaction, employee involvement, vendor relations, profitable growth, continual improvement and implementation of quality, health, safety and environmental management systems standards. In support of this, Company’ quality, health, safety and environmental policy statement is:

·         Customer Focus - We will focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations, while growing profitably. We believe that achieving this is critical to our success and provides high quality and value to our customers.

·         Applicable Legal & Other Requirements – We will identify all applicable legal & other requirements and ensure compliance to the same.

·         Employee Responsibility - We believe employees at all levels are responsible for meeting high quality standards while performing work in a manner that is consistent with established processes.

·         Continual Improvement - We will follow a quality management system modeled after ISO 9001 to continually improve the performance of the business, and to drive for repeatable processes that consistently provide services of the highest quality.

·         HSE focus - We continually strive to improve the effectiveness of the environmental and safety management system by:

1.       Adopting, implementing environmental responsibilities and safe working practices, methods and standards

2.       Complying with legislative and regulatory requirements

3.       Institutionalizing effective and efficient waste management system by reduction, recycling and reuse techniques

4.       Prevention of pollution.

5.       Preventing of injury and ill health.

6.       Promoting awareness among our employees, service Providers, customers and public for enhancing the well-being of our personnel and the environment.